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Considering carpet for your home?
If you are considering having carpet installed in your home, you are certainly in good company. Many homeowners prefer this floor covering to all others. While their reasons may vary, it still holds true that this material is one that provides certain benefits no other flooring can.

White’s Discount Carpets knows that your floors are the centerpiece of your home, and will work tirelessly to help you find a floor covering that meets all your expectations. We service the areas of Hemet, Winchester, Menifee, Lakeview, Perris & all of the San Jacinto Valley, with a showroom located in Hemet, CA. We invite you to stop by for a visit with any questions that you might have and to see our full line of flooring. We look forward to helping you.

The many benefits of carpet

Carpet is one of the first choices of flooring for homeowners who have small children in the home. This flooring is great for those little feet, just learning to walk, and provides an excellent space for floor time. It also goes a long way in preventing injury that comes as a result of falls, which is why it’s also a good floor covering for homes where the elderly live.

In addition to providing safety from falls, it can also mean the difference between a walker or cane that slips away, and one that does not. That kind of protection is simply not available with hard surface flooring.

Another thing many homeowners love about this particular material is the fact that it almost soundproofs your house. It soaks up many of the sound waves that are common within the home and makes a huge difference between floors in a multilevel home.

Some carpet tips

Make sure you discuss your specific need with your flooring professional so that you can select a fiber that fits your specific situation. For instance, having a great deal of traffic through certain rooms means that you will need a fiber that stands up to that traffic. You wouldn’t want to put a plush, shag carpet in an area that experiences heavy amounts of traffic.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that your carpet is installed by professional installers. There are specific tools necessary for the job, as well as a good amount of experience, that can go a long way in preventing problem situations and shortened lifespan.

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